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Commercial and Company promotional/brand videos

For the last 10 years we have been doing corporate video production for business in Kiev and all over Ukraine. We create short brand-oriented advertisement videos that promote your company, product and service.

Our corporate video production studio is a small team of people who strive to promote your business and emphasize the unique character of your company. We want to understand our clients’ needs, and highlight the benefits of their companies and turn them into a video. We believe that our video should capture attention, evoke interest, get people excited about what you do and make them want to share it after watching.

We have accumulated a lot of experience working for big international companies and we have created successful video solutions for small business.

We specialize in commercial videos for social media and films showcasing the company, explainer videos and much more. We are a full-cycle video production studio, which starts from creating original concept, pre-production process and finish with post-production video editing.

Our corporate videos are created using advanced 4K cameras, professional and high-tech stabilization systems. We do aerial shooting as well.

We also provide: copyright services for written texts and scripts for videos and voiceover services for sounding videos. Our animators will create mind-blowing motion design and infographics to make your video look modern, informative and dynamic.

We do not just create videos, but also advise our clients on the structure and the timing of them. These factors will help clearly communicate your message and give viewers a reason to go with your company. We also provide you with the information on which platform it is better to place your video content and how to promote it. In general, we will help you with all the issues related to the digital ad campaign.